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Thai massages

In Jena, Weimar, Eisenberg & Kahla

The Rawida team has been pampering you with authentic massages based on the arts of the Wat-Po Thai massage school since 2011. In addition to the traditional Thai massage, we also offer Thai aroma and anti-stress massages.

Our entire massage team is from Thailand and specializes in understanding the needs of each individual client and providing individual massages tailored precisely to their needs. We only use high quality products to ensure you get the best possible experience. In our studio you can retreat and relax while being pampered by our professional masseuses. Visit us and experience the light of Rawida Essentials. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you meet your essential needs with our massages, products and services.


Our signature massage is the perfect combination of traditional Thai and aroma massage for the entire body.

From head to toe, all senses are revitalized with light to strong stroking, kneading and rubbing techniques. The combination of Thai and European massage techniques becomes an intensive experience using natural Thai oils and scents. Both your body and your mind will benefit particularly sustainably from our signature massage.

120 minutes: €129


Using traditional Thai massage techniques, the entire body is stretched and stretched.

This massage is performed without oil. Tendons, ligaments and muscles are relaxed and blood circulation in the skin and connective tissue is stimulated. The entire flow of energy in the body is stimulated and you regain the balance of body and mind.

60 minutes: €69
90 minutes: €99


We combine particularly gentle Thai massage techniques with highly pure essential oils.

Healing substances penetrate deep into the skin and calm the entire circulatory system. You will be surrounded by a pampering atmosphere and then enjoy the state of relaxation with a cup of tea.

60 minutes: €69
90 minutes: €99


Our anti-stress massage combines powerful massages for the back, neck and shoulders with gentle to powerful stroking techniques for relaxation.

Reduce the stress of everyday work or study life. During the anti-stress massage your tensions will be released and motivation, energy and a good mood will return to you.

30 minutes: €39
40 minutes: €49
60 minutes: €69